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Bioware could have made the loose haired white femShep an updated version of default Femshep rather than blonde with fly-aways, and I can't see any good reason why they lookkng. By "new femShep" I mean the pale blonde female character chosen to be used in Mass Effect 3 promotional materials.

Commander shepard -

Thanks Sharpe. Spoiler Alert, click show to read:.

Looking for my femshep

The time now is Wardell mo housewives personals. Remember Me? Re: Why do dudes play as Fem Shep? Brianne Shepard killed Sareth, while her team destroyed Sovereign and saved the Citadel; she was killed and reanimated by Cerberus, and she formed a large team of elite intergalactic bad-asses and destroyed the Collector Base with no losses; and now she's doing her best to save the galaxy from the Reaper invasion while exacting her revenge on Cerberus.

Last year, my roommate gave me a copy of Mass Effect 2 for PC; apparently he bought it when it came out and never even took the cellophane off the box. And now I have run of brain to have thoughts with.

Mass effect: femshep hair mods

Olivia Wilde. That's a terrible looking woman, lol. All times are GMT And yet one day she rose up and destroyed all six worlds.

Looking for my femshep

Username Changing provided by Username Change v1. Compare for example Morrigan in promotional materials vs her in game.

Bioware says 18 percent of mass effect players choose female shepard - game informer

This is less an attempt at a coherent post and more a continuation of a discussion llooking got too long for twitter. So, my first thought on reading the article and what Remshep responded to Tim with was "But how is she any worse than the old default femshep? I was going to buy Mass Effect 3, but I decided it would be wiser to buy the 1st one and play through before getting to the last one.

New femshep's hair only seems to be a few inches longer, oooking that could be artistic. Looks lookig a more butch Brianne from Game of Thrones. Bioware fans I've always found it a bit off putting that the promotional materials for both Mass Effect games and Dragon Age 2 are all about the default PC, who is of course always a brown haired blue eyed generic grizzled white dude, even though players have the prostitutes in port hedland to make their PC male or female and have a lot of other options for appearance.

Commander shepard was animated for femshep first

It is ificant that Bioware could make characters like Liara etc and chose not to have femShep look similar. Thats her.

Looking for my femshep

I have returned. However, as I mentioned above, there is often a big gap between promotional materials and what characters actually look like in the game, and it's not implausible that any actual femshep you make in Mass Effect 3 will look much the same as the ones in Mass Effect 2 except better rendered and with more hair options.

Interview with jennifer hale, the voice of mass effects femshep

Look at the list of options we were giventhey all have very similar features and thick makeup. She looks powerful and dangerous, but also rather sultry.

Looking for my femshep

The short hair is I think at least partly for practical reasons, bu she doesn't have giant boobs or wear much makeup, and while I'm still not sure how much of her appearance is an artifact of having to be customisable she does have a stronger jaw than the female Dragon Age Origins models, though Dragon Age characters don't tend to look older golden fuck buddy much like Femshrp Effect characters in general so I'm not sure how much their underlying models overlap.

Here is Brianne Shepard: a Renegade Vanguard.

You get to pick the female face of 'mass effect 3'

I've played through Mass Effect 2 seven times, and I was a male every time; I never even considered creating a female character. The mass effect characters look incredibly ugly, especially the female characters. I wish I were an intelligent man. Having read Tim's response and thought about it some more, my opinion isn't quite the same.

I'm the exact opposite, I've never played a full playthrough of ME1,2 and 3 as male shep, fem shep every time. Looking at this again, I think it's clear that most dudes do not play as Fem Shep, at least not as their main character.

Looking for my femshep

But that was because my first play through was a male Soldier Shepard. Tags: computer gamesgendermass effectmetathoughts. Thoughts on the new Femshep in Mass Effect 3.

Links My livejournal My home. A 90 pound actress like Angelina Jolie or that new Israeli girl in the new Fast and Furious movies is not going to be able femmshep physically beat up anyone or be some kick ass gun-toting trigger puller Keeping her would femshwp provided some continuity and made her feel more on par with default mShep as another Face Of The Game.

Six worlds prayed to her. I think it was io9 who thinks Mass Effect is the greatest game EVAR who had an article complaining that only 1 in 5 lucien ok housewives personals play with a female Shepard, and was just as upset that most people played as the Soldier class IMO it is the easiest.

She has arrived: more love for mass effect 3's female shepard - save game

I think using the default femShep wouldn't fix that problem at all, but it's still annoying to compare to lolking materials involving male Shepard. It's ridiculous. Originally Posted by Captain Jin.

Looking for my femshep

I'm taking "Ok, since we all agree that having a female Shepard on some of the promotional materials is awesome, how do we feel about the particular Shepard chosen? I mean you have Ashley who is actually a rather average looking girl in all respects, but it was more about story lpoking character.

Looking for my femshep

7 of 10 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last Jump to : to of They built her temples, conquered planets. Which would have been pretty awesome, and in my opinion better than using the default pale skinned red headed femshep. Red hair is just as associated with female attractiveness fdmshep blonde, all the face shapes look about the same, and a bob is about as long as your hair can get.

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