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Name: Sallie

Years: 48

Phase 3 of reopening California Striking photos from around the state.

Visual look at the third phase to reopen California amid the coronavirus outbreak. Now many of us are allowing cracks to form in our protective coronavirus fortressescrossing our fingers while doing our best to mitigate the risk.

We let our kids ride their bikes together, as long as they wear their masks. We invite friends into our yards for drinks, being careful to set the chairs six feet apart. We experiment with picnics and social distancing walks.

Los Angeles County health officials are still advising people to resist the urge to visit friends and family, even from a distance of six feet. Elsewhere, however, public health experts acknowledge that even rule followers are likely to experience quarantine fatigue and are looking for ways to cheat as safely as possible.

The hard truth remains that just as abstinence is the only surefire way to avoid a sexually transmitted disease, the best way to protect ourselves from the coronavirus is by remaining physically isolated from one another. But for many of us, and for a variety of reasons, that may be an impossible standard to maintain. A general rule of thumb is that outdoors tends to be better than indoors, small groups are better than large groups and a shorter period of time is better than a longer one, said Julie Swannhead of the Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

The relative risk of seeing others also depends on how prevalent COVID is in your community and how much potential exposure the friend or family member you plan to see has had to the virus, said Chunhuei Chidirector of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University. The coronavirus lockdown is miserable. Rushing herd immunity could be worse. Yes, there are ificant health risks associated with lockdown. But returning to normal life too soon and rushing herd immunity would be even worse. But enough with the broad strokes. The L. Times asked Dr. Marybeth Sextonan infectious diseases expert at Emory University School of Medicine, to help assess the risk of seven social activities that people are already engaging in.

Two families gathering for a barbecue in the backyard, with families staying six feet apart

Context: Cooking burgers on the grill is OK, Sexton said. Scientists think the majority of coronavirus transmissions are through respiratory droplets that spread when people are in close proximity to one another. Some contact spread is also likely if someone coughs and sneezes on a surface like a railing or doorknob, and then someone else touches it.

Just make sure people were not touching the same utensils or plates. And if the kids are playing together, they are bringing anything they are exposed to back to their families. Some virus-laden droplets expelled in a cough or sneeze travel three feet, while others might make it as far as nine.

And as long as you are trying to maintain six feet of separation as much as possible, the only thing that would make you even safer is wearing a mask. That goes for both of you. Can I see my friends yet? What the current coronavirus guidance says. If beaches and businesses are reopening, does that mean I can visit my friends and family now? The new rules on socializing during social distancing. Context: Keeping it outside, keeping kids from playing together and keeping people from going in and out of the kitchen or sharing food and drinks are all good.

But as we ease back into socializing, Sexton said, smaller is safer. If there were 10 moms at the gathering, and you assume that each mom went to a similar party earlier that weekend, then attending this party is like being exposed to other people. Feeling drained by coronavirus quarantine?

Science can explain why. As the coronavirus keeps us stuck at home, scientists and health officials fear that social distancing could take a toll on our mental health. If they are, they are bringing that exposure to a larger group of people than they would if they were with only their own family. Context: What this situation has going for it is that the kids are outside, and their bikes prevent them from getting too close to one another. But you have to be careful, because if any of these kids have been playing with other kids, their risk of exposure is magnified, and they carry that risk back to their families, Sexton said.

Socially distanced walk, with (let’s admit it) some drift

To make this safer, make sure none of the kids has had a ton of exposure to other kids and that they really understand that the masks need to stay on. They should also wash their hands immediately when they come home.

Even vigilant Angelenos are fed up with distancing and are bending the rules. Coronavirus: Some Angelenos loosen up their personal boundaries as they try to balance safety and mental health. Context: Sexton said there are a couple of ways to make this scenario safer.

If someone goes into the house to use the restroom, let them go in alone. Almost all household cleaners have indications that they kill coronavirus.

Support in-depth reporting that matters as the summer begins, many californians are feeling the pull of summertime parties even as the worst pandemic in a century continues to fester across the country.

California will never be the same. Tell us what you want to see change after the coronavirus pandemic. Deborah Netburn is a features writer at the Los Angeles Times.

She ed the paper in and has covered entertainment, home and garden, national news, technology and most recently, science. Rx for pain relief: 30 minutes with a story. In a new study of children in hospital ICUs, pain levels fell and oxytocin levels rose after they were read a lighthearted story for 30 minutes.

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So you really want to see your friends? here’s how to assess the risk

By Deborah Netburn Staff Writer. Your willpower is fraying. Mine is too. But enough is enough. We want to see friends and family in real life. California Phase 3 of reopening California Striking photos from around the state. Science The coronavirus lockdown is miserable. Lifestyle Can I see my friends yet? Science Feeling drained by coronavirus quarantine? California Even vigilant Angelenos are fed up with distancing and are bending the rules.

Opinion California will never be the same. Deborah Netburn.

Helping older adults stay connected.

Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. More From the Los Angeles Times. Science Rx for pain relief: 30 minutes with a story. More Coverage Tracking vaccinations in California.

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For many of the older adults who live alone in California, every day brings some form of isolation and loneliness.

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